Liikuttavaa Ltd.


Liikuttavaa Ltd. is a welfare and training service company and was established in 2009. Our goal is to “move people” in everyday and work life towards supporting well-being in physical, social and psychological way.

We have a long experience in the field of education supervising, coaching and training educational staff in Finland and also abroad.

Ulla´s Work experience:

Class room Teacher, 1992-2000

Headmaster in Primary School, 1992-1994

Physical Education and Health Teacher in Primary School, 2000-2012

Online and network Physical Education Teacher of Finnish Children of Families Living Abroad, 2011-2016

Training Coordinator of the International Teacher training LQ-program, 2009-2018

The work included planning, coordinating, drafting and reporting on various educational projects and projects, as well as cooperation with different educational experts, organizations and partners for example The Finnish National Agency for education and Olympic Committee

The leader and senior trainer of the teacher training program team and maintained the professionalism of the trainers and was responsible for the quality and development of the teacher training program.

International Senior Trainer since 2011, trained trainers and teachers in Qatar, Iraq, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The supervisor in Leader Effectiveness training program (LET) since 2017. Worked as a trainer for the Follow up trainings in the field of education, in the educational expert team of the University of Helsinki

The trainer in the Professor of Educational Psychology, Kirsti Longa´s Company Ele Ltd., 2017

The Instructor and supervisor of the physical activities of Liikuttavaa Ltd., own company, starting in 2009

Work experience in Finnish education exports: Qatar; Doha (2016), Iraq; Erbil (2017), Estonia; Pärnu, Laulasmaa (2016), Poland; Krakow and Warsaw (2017), Spain, Fuengirola.

Ulla´s experiences have consisted of supervisors, individuals and group leaders in education and training, social and health care, youth work, working communities and multicultural groups.

Coaching experiences have focused on coaching company project managers and supervisors for project management and coaching and facilitation.

The Coach and trainer for  sport coaches, 2014-.

The cooperation with the professor Taru Lintunen, Jyväskylä University.

The PhD. studyplan to University of Jyväskylä.  

“After a year of studying the situation of educational side in the city of KIRKUK –IRAQ , we decided to start from the new generation for providing best way of educational system.  

In a way to develop the education method in Iraq specially in Kirkuk city we are proud that one of the best educational system in world - The Finnish education system –has taken place   in training our staff teachers and admins in our new foundation and that was represented by Liikuttavaa.

We would like to thank Ulla very much for showing here interest and travel to KIRKUK for training the staff of our Kindergarten ( Little hands kindergarten ).

So we are highly recommend Liikuttavaa . for developing the educational part and using best system which is Finnish educational system for best skills of teaching.

Ulla is really a serious person in her goals and care about insuring that giving all what its need to prepare the staff to be ready for their duties and be active like unstoppable wheel of giving and teaching depending on what they learned and working as a team work and keeping in touch to stay updated in a cooperation with Liikuttavaa.”

Bsc. Eng. 

Ammar Nawzad 


“I was initially impressed with Ulla Sirviö-Hyttinen’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I worked with her at Hirundo Day Center for the first time. During the time and sessions spent together at work, she consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse her for any individual and group coaching and team developments of any kind.

Ulla is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to calm angry or frustrated customers is unparalleled, and it is because of her excellence in her expertise with difficult teams and or individuals like me. She consistently met or surpassed all expectations that I had in regards of my personal development as a new team leader here in Hirundo Day Center.

Of particular value to me as a team leader and Hirundo’s operational manager is that Ulla is enthusiastic and embraces of change, ability to work with minimal information and difficult client. Organized and diligent, Ulla quickly learned the team dynamics and what was needed to succeed at improving the team and me most of all.

Ulla is hardworking, top-performing personal coach and a professional. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.”

Borislav Borisov

Team Leader

Hirundo Day Center

Few years ago we decided to introduce The Lions Quest program more thoroughly in Estonia. Since we don’t have a certified LQ trainer we asked for the help of our good partners from Lions Quest Finland.

It was nice to realize that the spirit of helping is deeply ingrained in our movement and our good friend Ulla Sirviö-Hyttinen was more than happy to support and help us in our endeavours and not only by counseling us but by a personal contribution being the leading trainer in our autumn training seminar. Thanks to Ullas professionalism and preparation, the training was a huge success. We amassed a trove of new and valuable experiences and our collaboration is on a whole new level thanks to it. We have agreed upon a future action plan where Ulla Sirviö-Hyttinen has a big role in training our own LQ trainer.

We believe that thanks to such a competent trainer we will get the best quality preparation to fully introduce LQ program in Estonia.


Raivo Kokser

LQ country director

D-120 Estonia

We just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the training, time and commitment your Company gave to our project in Erbil (North of Iraq) in 2017. From the initial planning stages right through to its completion, the works were carried out in a professional, efficient and timely manner.

We can confidently recommend your Company and look forward to working with you and your colleagues on future educational projects.

Kindest Regards

AlKhansaa AlKhalil


Little Village School